15527 houses

are already insulated with eco-wool in Ukraine

819 cu. m.

gas average annually savings for 100 sq.m. house insulated with eco-wool (tariffs 2020)

6738 UAH

per year on-bill saves eco-wool in comparison to Styrofoam


eco-wool is quiter than other insulation materials

What are your benefits of ecowool insulation?


99,9% hollows fill – no-joints thermal insulation

Low costs of professional insulation

Reasonable prices and fast mounting

Low material expenditures ~28-65 kg per 1 cu. m

No-shrinkage guaranteed


Keeps warmth ideally, low heat conductivity

Absorbs up to 90 dB being just 150 mm thick

Eco-friendly product, consists of cellulose, antiseptic and fire retardant

Protects against rodents, insects, fungus

Non-flammable. G2 (UKR) refractoriness class

Best and comprehensive choise

Unlike other insulation materials eco-wool “breathes”, it doesn’t accumulate moisture, and will never turn into an “ice” crust. Your communications are in safe all year round – without compulsory vaporguard layer.

Phenols used in modern insulation materials are dangerous to health. The house is all in toxic vapors – when heated by the sun in summer, especially in southern regions. However, the ingredients of eco-wool are absolutely safe for health, do not emit toxic vapors even after significant heating.

We can insulate
with eco-wool




roofs and chimneys



What else do you need to know about insulation?

floor insulation

• 2 ways: hand packing or dry insufflation
• no-joints insulation eliminates convective heat transfer – floor temperature is always comfortable for your feet

roof insulation

• 3 ways: wet adhesive spraying, hollows insufflation or dry spraying
• keeps the warmth, does not let cold in
• no drafts

walls insulation

• 2 ways: wet spraying or dry insufflation
• modern stowage methods exclude shrinkage
• all-year silence and comfort guaranteed

Take care of your family’s health


As a raw material, Ecoheater uses exclusively the waste paper of groups A and B (DSTU-3500-97, GOST 10700-97)

Unlike newsprint paper, the paint in our paper is hypoallergenic, doesn’t contain heavy metals (chromium, iron, titanium, cobalt, plumbum). Our eco-wool is white, not dark gray (more cellulose in the basis, our eco-wool will not shrink but retain the thermal conductivity for many decades).


Waste paper is split up to cellulose (81%) and mixed with boric acid (12%) and borax (7%)

Boric axid – flame retardant, antiseptic. Borax – antiseptic and insecticide – is used to prevent spreading of fungus, cockroaches, insects. This all is realised according to stringent standard TU U 38.1-37800971-001:2014


Eco-friendly insulation material “eco-wool” is packed and shipped to you

You can insulate your house by yourself, or order services of our experts. We have all necessary equipment for fast, qualified and safe insulation of your home.
Our eco-wool is shipped throughout Ukraine: Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kropyvnytskyi, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kiev and other cities.

Our documents

Our clients about cellulose insulation

Igor Zavgorodenko, Mykolaiv

“I was dragging out with my country house insulation plans. I’d been always thinking that Styrofoam was the last solution, but I did accidentally discovered eco-wool insulation. It turned out to be better and warmer at a reasonable price. Insulated my house quickly and inexpensively, thanks!
PS: At last my dream has come true – we’ll celebrate the New Year in my country house!”

Leonid Khudin, Odesa

“I spent plenty of time surfing the web and looking for information about insulation materials and thus benefits. There is a Styrofoam, but it lets heat out through joints. Also it emits harmful substances when is heated. Fiberglass is generally dangerous because of the flying “glass” dust. Eco-wool seemed to be the only right choice, so I called to Ecoheater”

Nataly Hyrta, Mykolaiv

“Once the insulation problem posed point-blank I seemed to get lost, because I am a single woman. Surfing the Internet I stumbled upon this site and I decided to call. A nice man picked up the phone and competently told all I need to know about insulating the apartment. For several days my apartment was fully insulated. Highly appreciate your efforts, I will recommend Ecoheater to everyone!”

Vadym Bondar, Mykolaiv

“I’m building a cottage. Asking all around about insulation aspects, I’ve found out from my contractors that the most reasonable desision is to insulate house with eco-wool. But they told that it still needs to be shipped far away, so they were going to use an “affordable” styrofoam. But I didn’t yield and solved the issue by myself. Guys from Ecoheater quickly arrived and got all the job done. However we had to wait until everything is dried up … But it’s nothing. Thank you, guys”

Vladymyr Sukhynyn, Kherson

“I’ve been already retired. Paying bills for gas becomes harder and harder in winter. Last 2 years I had to tighten my belt. My friend recommended me to insulate the house with an eco-wool. He said that the bills are 2 times less after insulation. Until 2016 I didn’t even think about insulation because of solid costs, but this year gas bills are the mockery, really. Eco-wool saved my wallet. I will better be spending my money on grandchildren than feeding bureaucrats!”

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